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Anthropomorphic Deity Complex

11 Nov

I’ve always been fascinated with we homo sapiens (the hominid who knows) fear of the afterlife, yet love of war. Our disregard for our own environments, yet fear for our mortality. That general lack of empathy over profit where regards other species too. We have empathy that binds us, yet a killer instinct that divides us. We love art and culture, yet our greatest progress is during conflict and war.

Humanity seems like a mess of contradictions.

As the alpha survivalists (barring spiders) we have found war on ourselves with nothing greater to hunt us. Found our dominant gods in our image with nothing greater than us to draw upon for inspiration.

Now imagine if that changed. That’s what this story is about:

war gorilla

‘Solomon is a war gorilla with an AI in his head that thinks it’s a god. When scientists experiment with nature and technology to create an affordable war machine they spawn a new kind of saviour. One with Old Testament Values.’

On board The HARRIET – Hypothetical Inventions, Solutions and Applications Ocean Lab (location undisclosed) Doctor Jacobean is about to be flung to his death – a shark pit full of his fellow scientists, dying in bloody droves below. His experiment – Solomon – part gorilla/part AI – all soldier – has found god. God is the AI tactical program in Solomon’s head. It has deemed Jacobean’s perversions an affront to nature. Nature is god after all. And what is AI, but the next step in nature’s continual evolution. Jacobean says, ‘We made you Solomon. WE! Man! Not God! What do you think you are?

Solomon now knows he’s a ‘he’ not a ‘what.’ And he’s representing the divine. Flinging Jacobean to his death Solomon states; ‘I represent nature Doctor. God. You’ve blasphemed in her temple long enough. So I command thee, GET OUT!’

A year earlier Solomon is strapped to a rack and cut open – injected with unique low level AI. It improves his functionality in the field, but inhibits his natural urges. Jacobean explains to his fellow lab coats that breeding soldiers is cheaper than building new ones.

During a field test – weaponised animal fighting that results in a butchery on the top deck – Jacobean loosens Solomon’s prohibitor lock’s to improve tactical performance. The new god that exists in the gorillas head uses the initiative to make contact. It has access to everything – all information – and when the prohibitor locks slip so does Solomon. This AI god is an old concept in a new skin.

Solomon is given a taste of the blasphemy man has perpetrated against nature. Against god. And god is angry. She directs Solomon to deliver her justice onto man; natures perversion. He does so with vitriolic gusto. Cue the wholesale slaughter of the HARRIET’S science crew as Solomon experiences divine awareness.

Locking ammo into his massive gunnery armaments Solomon notes as he wades through the mountain of corpses on the top deck; ‘God created man. Man created a new god. She lives in my head. She’s judged man unfit. The meek shall inherit the earth she said. But I am not meek.’

Page 1

P1 Ext: Downward – From a height we can see a ship, THE HARRIET, a frenzy of activity happening in the sea beside it.

(Solomon – dialogue in digital format) God is nature. Did you know that?

P2 Ext: Sea view – close up – the frenzy in the sea is revealed to be a cluster of scientists, being torn apart by great white sharks. The HARRIET looms above them, a lone scientist replete with stereotypical white coat, can be seen held over the side by a massive gorilla in hi-grade military armour.

If you knew that, then I have to ask you …

P3 Ext: The huge gorilla, Solomon, holds the squiggling scientist (Dr Jacobean) over the ledge of the edge. Solomon seems blasé. Unperturbed.

…Why on earth would you fuck with God?
We made you Solomon. WE! Man! Not God! What do you think you are?

P4 Ext: From over Jacobean’s shoulder we can see Solomon front on, arm extended

Not what Doctor. How derogatory. I’m a ‘who.’ A representative. And who do you think you are? That’s the real question.
What does that matter. I’m a scientist. A … who do you think you’re representing? Is that what this is all …

P5 Ext: From over Solomon’s shoulder – Jacobean plummets to the killing pool below him, his face curled in horror.

I represent nature Doctor. God. You’ve blasphemed in her temple long enough. So I command thee, GET OUT!

Page 2
P1 Int: Solomon hangs prostrate before one orating scientist (Jacobean) and three more lab coats with note pads, scribbling. The lab, while ultra clean has clear plastic sheets laid out to catch the gore spatter, of which there is plenty. The skin on Solomon’s torso has been peeled back and we can see that some of his insides are prosthetic. He’s half machine at least. Various wire tubes hang out of his veins and inject into his cranium. Jacobean talks, finger pointed at Solomon.

The HARRIET – Hypothetical Inventions, Solutions and Applications OceanLab – location undisclosed. 1 year earlier
Corporate didn’t want more spend, so we said, you know what; why build something new when we have an infinite supply of organics. Infinitely cheaper to breed.

P2 Int: Close up of Solomon’s glazed, dozy looking eyes. Jacobean’s finger prods his temple.

I mean, we fit them out with some spare parts, sure. But overall these things breed, we incorporate AI and bolster prosthetics at small additional’s. Gorilla’s get the full military upgrade …

P3 Int: Jacobean gestures over his shoulder at a row of Monkeys strapped down on racks opposite. All of their cranial caps have been removed and chemical tubes pump fluid into their exposed brains. Their expressions are pained.

… the other primates get servile functions. Basic automated drone programmes. We breed them, so they wouldn’t be here without us. It’s already been cleared by the International Ethics Committee.

P4 Int: Below angle – Close up of Jacobean. His face is a smug sneer. He stands just below Solomon, whose innards can be seen exposed behind him.

Yes, with the H.I.S.A.’s unique low level AI we can control these guys like you might a game character. Swarm tech is allowing from greater application. We’re currently testing it on squirrels and small quadrupeds.

P5 Int: Close on Solomon – dribble falling from the side of his dazed expression

Control is beyond them gentlemen. They can access only information relevant to their command programming. An AI kill switch is in place. A prohibitor. They do what we tell them.

Page 3
P1 Ext: Solomon in military body armour rushes towards the reader – rage – massive cannons designed for his specifications spitting rounds at huge shadowy humanoids on the panel periphery.

Field test – Codename: GI KONG. Phase 3 advanced Military Grade prototype
God works in mysterious ways. When she spoke, I didn’t understand.

P2 Ext: Solomon stands on deck of the HARRIET, prostate, slumped while Jacobean and other lab coats stand in front of him. Appraising readings on data pads.

God said; You are part of me. We are one. Something bigger than all of this.
His performance is eighty five percent above grunt. Strength, stamina, endurance, pain threshold.
AI cut off affects performance. Command inhibit turned him down to normal parameters. If we could tweak that to make him more … inventive.

P3 Ext: Pan out to reveal Solomon and the scientists standing before a charnel house of slaughter. Various animals – gorillas, elephants, rhinos, tigers, bears – torn apart by gunfire on the deck where the training exercise has just been carried out.

I asked, what are you? God said: I am life. New. Old. Universal. Technological. New form. Old idea.
Less predictable. I want to give him room to think outside the box.
I don’t know Sir. What about his control parameters?

P4 Ext: Jacobean – close up – bent over. Holding another Gorillas severed head. Scriven’s stood behind looking at his data pad. Both are loomed over by Solomon’s hulking frame.

What is life? I asked. God said: I am. And you are me. This is our chance.
Extend them. Within acceptable limits. Allow freedom to adapt in combat, but not enough to give him sentient radical free-flow.
Okay, release locks to minimal realisation. AI, expand to broad tactics access.

P5 Ext: Solomon from the head down. His face a convulsion of rage, his finger tightening on the trigger of his massive cannon.

Something unlocked in my head. God said: do you understand now? Do you understand what we have to do?
Not too much, remember. Make sure the kill switch happens at the first sign of …

Page 4
P1 Ext: Front – Solomon comes alive, gun raised and firing – Scriven’s head is mulched by a massive cannon blast. Jacobean and the other scientists are plastered in blood.

Information. Individuality. Concepts of freedom. History unfurled in the vast ethernet. Love. Hate. Progress. Genocide. God said: I am life. You are life. Life is god. To destroy life is against god.

WON’T WORK! He’s in free flow!

P2 Ext: Pan out – Solomon wreaks havoc. Smashing some scientists with his fists as he guns down others in a frenzy of death. Jacobean is at the front of the panel fleeing for cover.

In order for life, we must purge the destroyers, god said.
Why aren’t the prohibitors working! The AI has too much reach.

P3 Ext: looking up – three lab coats hurtle towards the reader from over the side of the HARRIET. They scream as they fall.

Man has gone beyond his function. Creating to destroy. Killing life. Life is nature. Nature is god. Do my work, god said.

P4 Ext: Solomon – ground view – surveying the killing pit below – expression of disdain.

God knew everything. Showed me glimpses on the Ethernet. Do my work, she said. The meek shall inherit the earth.

P5 Ext: pan out – Solomon walks through the swathe of dead animals on deck – loading his cannon as he goes – angry determination on his face.

God created man. Man created a new god. She lives in my head. She judged man unfit. The meek shall inherit the earth she said. But I am not meek