About The Mark McCann

Mark McCann is a Self Published Author of hard boiled supernatural crime thrillers Deadfast, The Generous Dead and The Mog Princess. He also contributes feature articles to Following The Nerd among other online outlets and news hubs.

Mark is an avid cinephile, devourer of pop culture and reader of everything from Stephen King to Nietzsche. He’s amassed a comic book collection that threatens to become its own landmass and considers early John Carpenter movies sacrosanct to the point of holy.

When he’s not busy writing, editing and quaffing coffee by the bucketful, Mark enjoys ‘pumping ron’ as an amateur power-lifter, petting cats and fighting crime in a wet suit he ordered off e-bay. He has a degree in Arnold Schwarzenegger likes listening to Motown, AC DC, early grunge and the Stones. He also enjoys arguing on the internet.

Mark’s currently working on a new novel, comic-book scripts and articles that are fast approaching sweaty deadlines. Just the way he likes it.


‘If shite talking was an art, Mark McCann would be Picasso.’ – Mark McCann’s manager.

In Terry Fennell, McCann invokes the spirit of Dashiell Hammett’s Spade, possesses Bateman’s Dan Starkey and sets him loose on the undead underbelly of Ulster.’ – Gerard Brennan’

‘This boy is tremendously talented and has a bright future as an author ahead of him. I’m not biased.’ – Mark McCann’s mother.

‘This man is a thoughtless, sexist relic from a former era, despite only being in his thirties. That’s almost impressive.’ – The Mary Sue

‘That guy’s a complete legend. I have a lot of time for him’ – Mark McCann


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